Natural language scripting in Syntheyes with Synthia. SynthEyes 1407.

This a very interesting addition to Syntheyes. The ability to generate rules based on natural language is looking promising in a production environment, giving scripting power to the artist. I haven’t personally tested this but I do really want.


Press release bellow

 July 24th, 2014. Phoenixville, PA. For immediate release.

The latest 1407 version of Andersson Technologies LLC’s SynthEyes 3-D tracking application includes a revolutionary new productivity tool, Synthia. The SynthEyes Instructible Assistant, ie Synthia, enables chat-style natural language control. Unlike simpler assistants such as Siri or Google Now, Synthia responds to specific instructions, simple or complex, and can be instructed by the user in English to add additional functionality. Cloud communications make possible rapid improvement based on users’ experiences.

According to company owner Russ Andersson, “Software users in general, and tracking artists in particular, face increasingly complex tasks and shrinking timescales. Pro applications have added many features and much flexibility, but users have less and less time to learn them. Graphical interaction has become complex, with layer after layer of menus and a multitude of icons of uncertain function. Nor do most users have the programming expertise necessary to automate simple tasks using conventional scripting languages. Synthia shows the way to a new future where software is able to understand natural language instructions and perform tasks directly, with a paradigm that is at once very new and very old: the spoken and written word.”

Synthia consists of an extensive underlying infrastructure, which has then been taught about SynthEyes. Accordingly, there is the prospect that Synthia may control other applications in the future as well.

Other new features in 1407 include “notes” for communications between tracking

Mars Science Laboratory first panorama

I had some fun during a weekend with the raw images NASA kindly uploads on MSL’s website.

This panorama I made is comprised of two image sets. The black and white images are from MSL rover Navcam taken on Sol 2 (2nd day of the mission) . The colour portions are higher resolution images from Curiosity’s Mast Camera (Mastcam) on Sol 3.

What you see below is a quarter resolution version of my results. the final image is 28.862 x 6.830 pixels, meaning 1.97 giga pixels is due to the first high resolution image sensors that made it to Mars. These CCD chips output 1600 x 1200 images. Doesn’t sound that much but for the biggest rover sent to another planet, is a big deal.

Enjoy the view.

If the flash panorama viewer dose not load, try reloading the page.

View this at Curiosity’s first color panoramic image. Sol2 and sol3 data. Mars Science Laboratory

Ssontech announces SynthEyes 1208.

Today, 1 August 2012, according to this official press release Andersson Technologies will be featuring the 1208 version of Syntheyes camera tracking software. Huge changes are being expected, probably a node based workflow, rolling shutter compensation for solves, improvements in feature detection. Also a new license and release model will be available. I am still waiting to receive a demo version to see the new and improved Syntheyes.

Alaska Vodka TVC

36 shots and about 2 weeks production time. Things I did: Matchmoving, compositing 2 shots, modeling and camera projections for the ice wall.

Everything was shot on a frozen lake with only a few greenscreen shots. All the environments are either extended or replaced. The underwater part was shot in a pool on bluescreen, all the underwater ice is CG as well as the helicopter.