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“Stereo Tracking with Multiple Camera Views”

Posted by Adrian Costea

Ssontech posted this neat tutorial that shows how to set up Syntheyes's interface for a stereo shot. Regardless of one's experience, I encourage you to watch it. It's short and informative and might reveal some "hidden" features that you forgot about or just did not knew.


Mars Science Laboratory first panorama

Posted by Adrian Costea

I had some fun during a weekend with the raw images NASA kindly uploads on MSL's website.

This panorama I made is comprised of two image sets. The black and white images are from MSL rover Navcam taken on Sol 2 (2nd day of the mission) . The colour portions are higher resolution images from Curiosity's Mast Camera (Mastcam) on Sol 3.

What you see below is a quarter resolution version of my results. the final image is 28.862 x 6.830 pixels, meaning 1.97 giga pixels is due to the first high resolution image sensors that made it to Mars. These CCD chips output 1600 x 1200 images. Doesn't sound that much but for the biggest rover sent to another planet, is a big deal.

Enjoy the view.

If the flash panorama viewer dose not load, try reloading the page.

View this at 360cities.net Curiosity's first color panoramic image. Sol2 and sol3 data. Mars Science Laboratory


Ssontech announces SynthEyes 1208.

Posted by Adrian Costea

Today, 1 August 2012, according to this official press release Andersson Technologies will be featuring the 1208 version of Syntheyes camera tracking software. Huge changes are being expected, probably a node based workflow, rolling shutter compensation for solves, improvements in feature detection. Also a new license and release model will be available. I am still waiting to receive a demo version to see the new and improved Syntheyes.

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Alaska Vodka TVC

Posted by Adrian Costea

36 shots and about 2 weeks production time. Things I did: Matchmoving, compositing 2 shots, modeling and camera projections for the ice wall.

Everything was shot on a frozen lake with only a few greenscreen shots. All the environments are either extended or replaced. The underwater part was shot in a pool on bluescreen, all the underwater ice is CG as well as the helicopter.

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Tornado – some old r&d

Posted by Adrian Costea



"Tornado" - Media Pro Magic Factory - 2010

Things I did: rigid body dynamics, shading and texturing for the wrecked car; Camera animation and environment camera map projections.


PRO TV – Filter the colors

Posted by Adrian Costea

TV Ident that I worked on. 120 shots executed in about one month of work.

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The Flowers of War – Trailer

Posted by Adrian Costea

Just finished work on Yimou Zhang's latest movie. Part of our work is present in this trailer. Enjoy.

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odd_FillLight v0.4 – Nuke 6.x gizmo

Posted by Adrian Costea

odd_FillLight is a High Dynimc Range and Low Dynamic Range tonemapping tool for Nuke v6.x. Its based on scotopic and photopic tonemapping algorithms that are meant to bring images closer to how the human vision system perceives light . It uses image geometry  and luminance density to compress or expand luminance ranges.


-lights up shadowed areas (dose not remove shadows)

-values are limited within usable ranges (you can not over process an image, as some tonemapped images out there on the internet)

- homogenizes surfaces (good for removing some shading from pictures intended for texture painting)

-brightens up your footage to see more features for tracking

-tonemaps HDR sky domes for your sky replacement shots

- simple controls

-works on 8bit, 16bit, 32 bit (HDR, photometric HDR, EXR, non clamped EXR) images.

Download here


fillLightv0.4 results on HDR image


R&D: deJello Nuke v6.0v1 gizmo – Rolling shutter removal

Posted by Adrian Costea

Hello internet. I present to you the results produced by this little gizmo I started about 1.5 years ago.

It's an attempt at reducing heavy distortions produced by rolling shutter. It uses Nuke's Camera motion vectors to correct the image. The only requirement is a camera node that has been previously tracked.

I'll post more information when I'll find the necessary time. If there are people out there that find this interesting, please drop a comment.


Andersson Technologies anounced new Syntheyes 2011 beta

Posted by Adrian Costea


Some new features include:

Headlining New Features

  • Texture-extraction system creates new low-noise textures and panoramic backdrops from image sequences
  • Add-a-card operation adds a card aligned with enclosed trackers, with automatic outlier elimination
  • SimulTrack window monitors multiple trackers and/or multiple frames on them simultaneously
  • Automatic key generation and automatic smoothing after key adjustment for new supervised-tracking workflows.
  • Offset channels and cloning for trackers to aid creating trackers for fine mesh details and in problematic locations
  • Overall Distance constraint for smoother and more controllable solves, especially for object and other low-perspective solves.
  • Controllable post-solve filtering via a new control panel
  • Projection screens with chroma or alpha key in the perspective view
  • New outlined-solid and cartoon wireframe shading modes in the camera & perspective views

.... and then the peasants rejoiced.

More on Syntheyes home page